The Project: 190 Story Makers

What is it about?

In Generali, our People are the beating heart of our Company.

To celebrate 190 years of the Group and to look together towards the future, we have created 190 Story Makers: an extraordinary opportunity to underline how the contribution of each of us has been fundamental in shaping our shared history and will be even more so in building a sustainable future together.

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How does it work?

We collected the small, invaluable stories of our people in a private area of this site: these stories recount our commitment, our passions, our ability to innovate and the care that we extend to others, whether they be our team members or a part of the community we belong to.

Among the most-voted-for stories, the 190 that best express our company culture and our ambition to be Lifetime Partner people have been made public. We want everyone to see who we really are, to show our faces and to give voice to our feelings.

The authors of these stories have become Generali 190 Lions: ambassadors of the values that, for 190 years, have defined our way of being and operating. In short, the values that have allowed our Group to become one of the few in the world that can boast a history of resilience that has spanned three centuries.

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Special Event

A final event in the Procuratie Vecchie, new home to The Human Safety Net, our Foundation, will bring this year of celebrations to a close in a location that evokes what we believe in and what each one of us works for, day after day.