25 Jun 2021

Belonging is to built a lifetime partner attitude

Ricardo Dario DOMINGUEZ TERAN from Caja de Ahorro y Seguro S.A.

At the end of my professional training, it was always clear to me that my area of ​​performance would be in Change Management, and that the place would be a team where I could feel productive. After providing services as a consultant, I´d added to the transformation, learning and management of teams in limited projects in various areas, such as oil, soy, banking or telecommunications; In both distant and enriching destinations such as Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru or Uruguay. Suddenly La Caja – Generali has given me the opportunity to permanently establish myself in a team.

Here I found a team of excellence and much more time to continue doing things throughout its evolution: We disseminated and implemented Generali’s strategy since it began to be Smarter and faster, until now when we want to be partners for a long time of our clients … We resumed the annual inspection meeting, we organized the training portfolio according to the Generali strategy, we accompany the transformation of our teams from agile tools, we accompany reskilling and upskilling actions, we connect, share experiences and incorporate good practices with the Life Time Partner and Agile and Transformation communities of practice, among many others that I will leave for another time.

In these six years, so much has happened that I almost forget about the challenge of being a team member permanently… Today I find myself as a more solid professional, focused on the strong answers that we are building as a team, and personally I can find the sense of belonging , to continue walking my path as a Latin American migrant, who does not feel either in a company or in a foreign team.

I am a lifetime partner in progress.