25 Jun 2021

Bring the Lion to life!

Catrina Lam from Generali Hong Kong

Do you know where is 1st Generali headquarter? When was the 1st pension fund issued by Generali? Who was the first Italy astronaut we supported? How many pages of the Age of the Lion is? When I joined Generali Hong Kong within 3 months, I was managed to be a ‘Guru’ of Generali’s heritage and be able to answer all these questions about Generali.

Generali was not well-known in Hong Kong until we launched 1st product launch campaign on TV and online in 2020. My first duty in Generali was to build and promote branding image to the public on social media by leveraging on our 190 years history. I was impressed and amazed when I was reading the Age of the Lion. Generali is not just an insurer, but also a monopoly which has splendid heritage, more than 2,000 assets in the world, even owns 3,500 km of vineyard. Finding out all these interesting stories from the Age of the Lion and posted on our Facebook and WeChat, we successfully build up a strong brand image and bring our Lion to life!

Thanks for the intensive study of our history during the first 3 months, I am so proud of being part of Generali, participating company activities like Green Power Hike, THSN volunteer, dragon boat competition, etc. to write the next 190-year history together. I wish my name or my face can appear in the next history book!