25 Jun 2021


Hien Tran Pv from Generali Vietnam

Those were the first days of September 2019, the days when he started a brand new journey in life, a memorable and loving one that he will never forget for the rest of his life – the precious journey with Generali. This young boy was as fresh as a blank sheet of paper on his first working days: everything was unfamiliar in an overwhelmingly professional way yet very exciting. And like every other excited young adult on their first day at work, he arrived at the office very early, when the whole office was still quiet and empty. He started out with a self-guided office tour.  Many questions, wondering and converations popped up in his mind and what he couldn’t wait to finally meet his boss and team mates.

Back then, little did he know, Generali Vietnam’s Comms & CSR team was just set up as an oneman team  with this young, beautiful and energetic lady boss and… him as the second member – he started to feel a little bit of pressure, being in a small new team, surrounded by many strange faces in such a big organization. But the pressure quickly dissappeared and gave way to this exciting and positive energy as he was warmly welcomed by his professional lady boss who took her time to guide him and even encourage him with very kind words to start this wonderful new journey.

His first business trip was to Hanoi – also his first visit to the Capital city. Everyone has their “first time” and his was a mix of thrill, anxiety and excitement. But all those negative feelings quickly faded as his boss was always there to provide support, encouragement, and opportunities for him to try, fail and learn. He was always guided by his boss’ motto – ” Don’t be afraid when you start something new, try your best and believe in what you are doing and success will follow”. And with such spirit imprinted in him, many other “firsts” came as wonderful gifts and opportunities: performing on stage, long days of relief effort in Central Vietnam, first visits to many cities and provinces across the country, spoiled with his first “bespoke” private birthday party, among many other “firsts” that he probably wouldn’t be able to name all at once and wouldn’t be able to forget either.

The team size quickly expanded with wonderful new members. As time went by, the workload increased day by day, the team members’ “loads” also increased proportionately. The Comms “children” often called their boss “MomMy” in a funny loving way because MomMy not only provides guidance and support with their work, but she’s also very thoughtful and takes great care of their wellbeing: meals, sleep, entertainment, and exercises. No exaggeration here but even when drown with thousands of deadlines or juggling in very tense situations, the Comms kids’ weight just could not fail to increase. Despite the many efforts spent to rally each other to exercise and get back in shape –  lots of yummy treats and even feasts came in the way to “fuel” the whole team for the workloads, but he made himself a promise to meet a special KPI set by his boss, organizing regular sports activities for the team, at least once a week. Yes, that’s our sweet MomMy!

One of the biggest projects he was lucky to get involved in was the “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” (Born Children, Born Parent) parenting education program, which the team put a lot of heart and mind in. Throughout the project cycle, every team member was empowered to raise their ideas and leverage their own strengths to contribute to the project’s success. Despite many tough times, filled with tensions and stresses, many late nights working on the project, stayed motivated and focused on the same goal and nailed it from A to Z. All hard work paid off with great big success, making each member feel more developed, more proactive, and above all very proud of what the team had achieved together. Countless happy smiles and moments garnered after each event were catalysts that energized and motivated the team to continue to try even harder and aim higher for subsequent events or projects. Also, for the first time in his life, he joined a week-long emergency relief program – “Standing Side By Side With Central Vietnam”, which helped him grow in his mindset and perspectives, seeing the hardships of the vulnerable  families affected by the 2020 historic flooding in Central Vietnam.

One evening in the ancient town of South Hoi An, during his second year-end Outing trip with the Company, the young boy was still unknowingly enjoying the Gala night and preparing for the team performance, as his name was called out, among other “Born Children, Born Parents” project members, to go on stage to receive the “SOHI Award”. Needless to say, he was filled with a mixed feeling of surprise and happiness as he proudly walked on stage with the team, feeling on cloud nine. And in that magical moment, he came to realize how much he has grown over the past year and how he found his youth so meaningful, so SOHI.

Looking back on his journey thus far, which is not anywhere near the rich 190-year history of Generali Group or Generali Vietnam’s 10 years of establishment, he couldn’t find any more perfect words to say other than “thank you”. To him, this has been a journey full of love and laughter, all the way! So does he feel happy? Of course, working for a “Top 10 Company with Happy Workforce” like Generali Vietnam, is surely his biggest pride! Thank you, Generali, thank you MomMy and my beloved team mates!