25 Jun 2021

Generali – the right choice!

Cillin O’ Flynn from Generali Hong Kong

Generali isn’t a well known brand or company in Ireland.

Originally I chose to work in Generali because of the CEO in the company who I found inspiring.

I understood from my conversation with him that he enjoyed his job, trusted his people and was proud of his company.

Before saying a final yes I did some additional homework and checked out the Generali stock to understand the health and prospects of the company.

I noticed 2 things: its stock ticker is G.MI – very few companies have a single letter, Citigroup is C, Ford is F, X is US steel, K is Kellogg.

Immediately I knew that this meant Generali was a company with heritage. It was important and it was big.

Subsequently I discovered all of these points are in fact, 100% correct and true!