25 Jun 2021

Huge potential we have in Poland!

Roger Hodgkiss from Generali Towarzystwo Ubezpieczen S.A.

Why did I join Generali?

I always thought that Generali was the sleeping Lion of the Polish market: great brand, great products, great people…..but somehow not realising the great potential to be a serious and relevant player in the market.

I joined because of the huge potential we have in Poland and the part I thought I could play in delivering this potential…..and having been here for 16 months (4 as CEO) I see only opportunities for us in this fast-developing market.

Highlights from the past few months:

The support everyone has given each other during the lockdown period has been unbelievable. My primary focus is on building a strong team (and improving the teamwork) across the whole business….the pandemic has made this more challenging but I am constantly positively surprised at the improvements we have made in how we work together. Teams at all levels are cooperating much better, even though the opportunities to meet “face to face” are much more limited.

Several of our new communication initiatives (eg “Ask Roger”) have allowed me to communicate openly, directly and honestly with our people about my expectations, vision and objectives. The feedback has been very positive to these initiatives and I am always pleasantly surprised by the honesty of our people.

Generali Poland is emerging from the pandemic in great shape: we have taken the opportunities to streamline and digitise our processes, whilst at the same time building stronger relationships with our Agents and Sales Networks. We are also building very strong capability in the Direct channel, which for sure will be very important in the Post-COVID world, as customers become more comfortable transacting directly with Insurers

The Reditude campaign has been amazing, but is only a start! We have taken the opportunity to include our own agents on the campaign, which has created a huge buzz in the market. The TV adverts have been fantastic: everyone is talking about us and we are building a great platform to take the business forward over the coming months and years.

In the midst of the pandemic we have also managed to close some transactions and secure some partnerships which dramatically improve the potential of Generali in Poland:

  • Strategic Partnership with 4Life Direct: this cooperation is already bringing strong growth to our Life business in 2021
  • Meedy: the investment in Meedy builds the platform to support the profitable execution of our Health Strategy in Poland
  • pl: we have completed the purchase of Bezpieczny, the market leading INsurtech in Poland. Our partnership is already bringing positives: in February we were the first company to launch Dog Insurance in Poland and this has already proved to be a great success