25 Jun 2021

“I like me best when I am with Generali”


Challenge to chance

I had worked in Entertainment for 15 years as Marketing Communication Director for Televisions. It was way too far from the previous industry. I was hesitated, that would be my middle life crisis to change my career to the totally difference business that I used to work before. At that time, my top managements said we want to hire you because you are not in the business. Generali has the culture that embrace diversity and inclusion in day-to-day it is not just saying but living it so if this is just the only reason you concern do not waste the time. We have set the percentage of non-insurance experience employee to be a part of the team. I was thrilled from culture they said, and I thought it is the rare chance I should not miss so now I’m Generali member. I am so thankful.

Power of invisible wings

I thank you to myself for the decision I have made. My first impression was company’s core values; deliver on the promise, value our people, be open and live the community. I have been impressed these values as well as the Lifetime Partner Behavior that added to emphasize employees to be truly Liftetime to our customers. How the long heritage company so cool and modern like this, it popped up in my mind.

It was not smooth and great like I expected at the beginning I was like Martian working with people on other planets. Thanks to my boss and CEO, who always support me. I have changed my perspectives and overcame all challenges. I was able to apply my knowledges and experiences while learning new skills. I think this company has invested a lot, helping me grow and develop. It’s like company enhances you to fly with the powerful invisible wings. It is gratifying to see how much the company values the people. I feel so valued and I was being myself, Generali embraces me as who am I. Spread the powerful invisible wings and let’s fly high.

Look back on my career and proud of it

It has been almost 5 years working at Generali. There is the word that “time flies when you are in the place you are meant to be” yes I agree!

I am proud of myself, my team and colleagues. We have started from nowhere to somewhere now. we boost up brand awareness from lower 10% to 45%, brand preference from 0 to almost 3% and RNPS at market average and above blue brands within 3 years. Limitations and challenges that we’ve facing could not hold us to stop. On the other hand, they gave us creativity and inspiration to overcome them. It’s bitter sweet.

I like myself this version. I started figuring it out why? Then I realized, I am a better version from last 5 years; way of thinking, attitude, behavior, action and skill. That is why “I like me best when I work at Generali”

Working at Generali has been the most fantastic career move of my life.