25 Jun 2021


Flovie Martins from Future Generali India Life Insurance

I have being working with Future Generali India Life insurance company limited (INDIA LIFE) since December 2017. I head the Corporate communications Department which further houses 3 verticals under it – Ie Media Relations, Internal Communications and CSR. In these past 3+ years I have witnessed a lot of positive changes in my organisation that led to us achieving the desired business goals we had set. I still remember, when I joined in 2017, I was not at all impressed with the state of affairs on ground and wanted to quit right away. I was then told to give it a shot and that I was bought in as part of the required change that the organisation needed then. But I was still not convinced that I was in the right place after monitoring things on all fronts. Today, I am glad that I choose to stay with the company as it has been the reason, I was able to sharpen my skillsets. I have in return been even recognised in my industry as a member with exceptional skills in Corporate Communication. I owe these recognitions and laurels to my organisation that provided me with a challenging platform and trusted me to get the job done while also supporting me wherever required.

My job role involves working closely with the leadership team of our company. Also, it is one that is least understood and basis that understanding, it can many times affect the job outcome. But my management trusts that I know what I am doing and most importantly, ‘listens’ to what I have to say in order to get a job done. This behaviour greatly effects the productivity and outcome of my entire job role. I am extremely proud to be part of such an organisation, where the leadership team ‘Walks the talk’. The biggest example that I can give is that of our CEO taking interest personally in my area of work and also making sure that solutions are found to the roadblocks that I face while trying to get the work done.

Further, what I have observed in my organisation that I am not sure is a working format with other corporates in general- is that we work very well with using the expertise of other departments to do a job that may not be theirs to do in the first place. What this does is bring a fresh outside perspective to the requirement / issue at hand. And that helps sort the issue many times. I can say with pride that we are an organisation that is not afraid to experiment or do things differently in order to achieve positive and desired outcomes. For example, we launched a ‘Complaints dashboard’ recently. One can argue that this is a job to be executed by the Operations team or to be initiated by the sales teams, Or its totally an IT department’s job. One will never think that the Actuarial department can be the one to take and execute this job to perfection and completion. The end results were a well thought strategy to address customer complaints that was implemented with the help of the IT department.

I can say with certainty that Future Generali India Life, is defiantly an organisation with purpose that is true to the values it believes in and manifests too. Our ambition of being a ‘Lifetime Partner to our customers’ is not just a line. The company has made several investments in people and technology to make sure we are able to achieve this goal.

I truly feel privileged and proud to be part of this great organisation in India. I would also like to wish all my colleagues across the globe a very happy 190 years celebration. Keep shining, Keep growing, Keep rocking… Cheers!