25 Jun 2021

Individual commitment to a group effort

Sandro Panizza from Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

My Generali story is about one of the most significant projects and great team efforts in my carrier in Generali  – development and delivery of the Group Internal Model in my previous role of the Group CRO.

I spent almost 8 years in the position of the Group CRO. A time period that may seem long enough to someone, but it was not long indeed, if I think of the conditions in which the journey had started.

In fact, if I think of the beginning of this adventure, coinciding with a very difficult personal moment for me, I clearly remember how high the expectations were towards us and which we had to meet starting from scratch.

There was no organizational set up, no team, no specific experience, no framework and structured processes.

Developing an internal model really seemed an impossible undertaking. The journey was full of unique moments made of fatigue and mistakes. Yet, after less than 2 years, very few hours of sleep but a lot of slides and discussions, an approval from the College if Supervisors was received. The Internal model was there!

The processes and underlying infrastructure necessary for calculating the capital and carrying out other regulatory activities were created and implemented, earning the credit of IVASS and the other supervisors, the trust of colleagues in other functions, top management and the market.

And each of the team members was equally important, doing its own part and playing its own role to achieve this result.

I am very proud of what has been built and developed and of the quality of the results obtained, thanks to the determination and commitment which every team member and Generali employee had shown.