25 Jun 2021

“#LifeAtGenerali – another level of my life”

ORANIT ENGCHUAN from Generali Thailand

First step to the new world

I still remember the first day at Generali Thailand because it was a major change of my working life. Since I had worked as a creative marketer in music and entertainment business before, it is quite a big step to jumping in an Insurance business. I have to confess I used to think that insurance business is too boring to be so creative even it is so challenge. Before my first day, I had prepared and studied “insurance for dummies” but it cannot compare with the real experiences that I have learned from my colleague in only one week – they gave me a very warm welcome with the principle of Diversity and Inclusion even I am from others business. This is the one of what I love in this organization.

A chance to move the social

As a Corporate Branding and Communications team, absolutely, I have a commitment to deliver the brand KPI. But more than that, I have a great chance to initiate campaign for company CSR. One of those campaigns that make me so proud is THSN for Newborns. Our fundraising campaign can save much more lives. Thank you The Human Safety Net and Generali that gave me all great opportunities to join this great social movement.

Grow stronger, grow together

Generali always gives me a freedom to initiate new things such as the creative communications campaign, influential marketing for CSR like #THSN4Newborns, Sport and sponsorship events or the product communication campaign for LGBTQI+.

After almost 5 years as Generali crew, I don’t need “insurance for dummies” book anymore. I have learned a lot not only insurance but LIFE. I have to say that I was wrong when I said insurance business is quite boring to do things creatively. I am so wrong! Here at Generali, it is so bold and flashy. Because we are not only work for the year end evaluation but we are work for the best to serve our customers and partners. Every single year of #LifeAtGenerali made me beat my limitation and conquer the new level every day. With Generali, I can unlock my potential, my pride, my creativity and all. Therefore, I am now so ready for the next level.

Let’s beat our next limitation together!