25 Jun 2021

My 24 years at Generali

Marta Sousa from Generali SegurosS.A.

It isn`t very common nowadays to stay at one company for this amount of time, especially as multi work experiences are considered more easily enriching today to any young professional than a unique long-lasting professional one. In my case, I joined Generali at the age of 28, to assist the management of the Portuguese Branch Office at the time. Over the past 24 years I would say that, from the very first day, I always felt that belonging to the Group was and has been a gratifying and rewarding experience and one which I will always treasure.

The Group`s presence in Portugal at the time was a modest one, but that was no reason not to feel its larger and expanding existence worldwide and, as a small but important branch office, we hosted thrice the prospective visit of three important Chinese delegations whilst Generali began its expansion into Asia, from 2006 to 2009.

The multicultural and diverse presence of the Group worldwide was also felt through the numerous international Group meetings organized locally, from the CHoI (Country Heads of Innovation), to the Engineering Workshop, Euromeeting, EWC, GEB and PanEurope to mention a few. Countless opportunities to get to know different realities from our own in Portugal and to meet many colleagues around the world, some of which became friends to this day.

One personally enriching experience lived during my time at Generali was surely through its involvement in local social solidarity causes. For over a decade, the Company sought to foster its social responsibility role by supporting different organizations with diverse social aspirations, much in parallel to today`s THSN, but on an annual rather than ongoing basis.

Each year, the support provided was twofold: private sponsors would contribute the necessary materials and volunteers would come together on the day to work on various projects. The volunteers included employees, agents and their relatives. The choice of institutions was varied, ranging from the construction of a home for Alzheimer patients in Estoril, to the renovation of a short-term emergency reception centre for young women at risk and the support to a home for underprivileged pregnant mothers, to name just a few.

These actions had a positive impact on everyone: the institution in question, the benefited community and the volunteering team, providing a sense of connection heartfelt by all those involved, myself included, as well as a personal sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Over the past two decades I have had the privilege to witness close to first-hand the evolution of the company`s presence in Portugal, becoming a top market player today. Overcoming ups and downs was also a challenge to myself, just like the obstacles the company had to overcome over the years. In all, I am grateful for the mark Generali has left in me and to all the colleagues and friends over the past years, some of them no longer here, others who have left the Company and the new colleagues made.