25 Jun 2021

My adventures journey – 4 countries but the same lionheart

Erika Magonyi from Generali Versicherung AG

I still remember how I became a member of our Generali family in 2012 in Budapest.

My very first boss found me on Facebook on his birthday, and asked me if I wanted to follow him to Generali and be a part of his team as a Data Mining Analyst. I said yes, so after the official rounds of interviews I could start my amazing journey in the Generali Group. It is literally a journey.

I had several very interesting and challenging tasks such building a Customer Lifetime Value model with great colleagues from different countries where we created the very first guideline for the Group about how to build a CLTV model. I took part in creating a comprehensive loyalty program for the most loyal customers and we worked hard with my fellow colleagues on implementation of the Net Promoter Score program among the first countries in the Generali family.


In 2017 I got the opportunity to spend 6 months in the Czech Republic where I supported our Czech colleagues with my experience of implementing the well known Medallia platform for measuring NPS. That was my very first time when I lived abroad since I come from a poor family and I didn’t have the chance to participate in the ERASMUS or similar programs. It was a great experience in several ways. It was great to know new people, learn some words that are similar in the 2 languages even if they don’t have the same roots (eg: čtvrtek = csütörtök) and I learned that I don’t have to be afraid to speak English because there are few colleagues who are native speaker.

After this short assignment I got a possibility to have a longer one: I moved to Milan for 2 years and I worked as a Data Scientist in the Head Office, in the Analytics Solutions Center. It was again a unique experience, I had the chance to work with colleagues from all over the world and learn their culture too. I will never forget the coffee break when we discussed how we celebrate Easter in the different countries we are coming from. I gathered a lot of knowledge during my work that I’m using in my daily work even as of today.


After this assignment I decided to move to Austria, and I have the pleasure to work not only with excellent Austrian colleagues but also in an international environment with colleagues in the ACEER region. I feel honored to get to know them and be able to help their work and use the synergies we have in the region with knowledge sharing.

I strongly believe that knowledge sharing plays a big role in making our company better and better in terms of customer retention, sales and customer satisfaction too.

I’m really thankful that I had a chance to work in 4 different countries and realise how different still in some sense similar we are under the wings of the lion. I can say that I experienced that all of the colleagues I met are living according to the 4 values of Generali. This makes me feel that I am in the best place I could be, I’m working at the company where I can be myself and I can be effective and useful.


I can’t wait to see what the next 190 years will bring to us, Generali!