25 Jun 2021

My Lion Story

Martina Antonijevic from Generali Osiguranje d.d.

I am always very emotional at the memory of the beginning of my career at Generali.

I have always been attracted to working with people, communicating, and helping them. And that, in the end, is the essence of the insurance business. Insuring means protecting people from the risks they face in everyday life and ensuring security and peace of mind. Insuring means becoming a lifetime partner.

My Generali journey begins in the summer of 2013. It is a turning point in my life and one of the most important business decisions I have made.

I started as a sales consultant. I have always loved sales because it has been giving me the opportunity to be proactive and to listen and care for my customers. It is the human touch that is important, and Generali has been always supporting me on my journey.

As time was passing by I grew up…I have been growing up in my carrier, and privately as well. I am very proud of our company because it encouraged me to continuously grow both, business and private. I was getting recognition for my skills and ambitions and this is what empowered me and pushed me forward. Generali really appreciates and value it’s people.

As a modern woman, I had a big challenge in front of me… to reconcile motherhood and career. Reconciling motherhood and career depend on a lot of factors, and Generali has been a great support to me. Therefore, I am sure that Generali is the place where I want to be!

Through these 8 years of a career in Generali, I have joined the Sales support department. Currently my job position is the internal trainer. This job is very fulfilling for me because I am constantly improving and developing my skills. I am being trained and I am helping my coworkers to grow and develop as well. I believe in Lifetime Partner Behaviors: Ownership, Simplification, Innovation and Human Touch. As Lifetime partners to our customers we transform our role to a trusted advisor, and we support them in achieving their life goals & dreams.

I am very proud that Generali is living the community. Also, I am very honored I have been given the opportunity to be part of The Human Safety Net initiative.

Generali is not only the company …. Generali is a Lifetime Partner for both…. clients and employees.