25 Jun 2021

No. I – Together with all colleagues

Tietze Torsten from Generali Deutschland AG

The show must go on! Nurnberg, Aachen, Munich, Cologne, Köln, Saarbrücken, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Leipzig and Frankfurt: What seems to be the tour calendar of a rock band, is in fact the row of the 2019 Generali strategy roadshow in Germany. All 7,500 Generali colleagues situated in 10 cities in Germany celebrated together our company and our success! Together, with my colleagues I had the honor and pleasure to put on the feet an outstanding strategy roadshow with the Generali Germany top management. For us, this meant 8 exciting weeks of roadshow with long nights, thousands of things to organize, and millions of impressions in our hearts and souls.

But one after the other: My name is Torsten Tietze and I work in the department of Employee Communication and Content Steering Hub. I started in 2015 right at the beginning of the greatest strategy journey of the German branch. After four years of restructuring with a very ambitious strategy, the German top management led by Giovanni Liverani wanted to celebrate the successful completion of the Strategy SSYtoLead and to thank all colleagues for their efforts. At the same time, the task was to motivate all colleagues for the – at this time – new strategy.

What a show it was! The roadshow was a unique experience for all colleagues, because when do you ever have the opportunity to get first hand-insights into the company strategy, to celebrate together with all the board members, and to get energized for the future challenge?

Happy to celebrate the next strategy cycle like this one 😊