25 Jun 2021


Imke Vannahme from Generali Deutschland AG

„You don’t know anything about insurance? If you want to learn come to Munich and work with me.” For me these two sentences symbolize the many opportunities I had throughout my Generali journey. And there were a lot of them – I would like to share some.

I started off in the building society (Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia) in Karlsruhe as a mathematician working on simulation models. When my first child was born I was the first person there with a home office possibility (23 years ago) so I was able to start working again after 6 weeks. After my second child was born my husband visited me in the office every day so I could breastfeed – this made it easier for me to stay involved in a big product project. As my children grew I got the chance to be a part time team manager. So I was able to see my kids grow up and develop my career. And as they got older I took over the full time responsibility for a department called Mathematics – Product Development – Marketing. More diversity is almost impossible.

And at some point I discovered that I don’t know anything about insurance although I’m working in an Insurance Company. And when I got the above mentioned offer I – of course – took the chance and moved to Munich to work for Generali Versicherungen. I took over the responsibility for product development and underwriting in P&C business and I learned a lot. And further opportunities evolved: the chance to launch the first smart solutions in Germany: Mobility and Domocity, the possibility of piloting a product on elderly care together with Europ Assistance, the chance to steer the requirements management and testing activities in Advocard Rechtschutz. And now to develop prevention solutions for all lines of business in Germany.

All these steps were chances for me to learn, to grow and most important to meet different people with different opinions, with different experiences and different habits. Made possible by the people of Generali – opening doors, establishing contacts, willing to try something new and sometimes simply having fun together. I’m looking forward  to the open doors that are ahead of me and the next opportunities of my journey.