13 May 2022

Our team is unstoppable

Vlad Boldijar from Generali Romania Asigurare Reasigurare S.A.

I have been part of Generali Romania – reinsurance dep. team for almost three years now. It’s a very short period of time if we refer to the three decades (almost) since Generali is present on the Romanian insurance market or to #Generali190.

However, I feel like I’ve been part of Generali’s team since forever, mostly because during this not so long period of time I was lucky enough to come across (or run into, so to say 🙂 ) a lot of pleasant experiences to remember.

My very favourite was held for a three weeks period last summer under the THSN umbrella: “THSN Olympics”. It was an initiative which promoted healthy living, enjoying sports and outdoor activities, in order to support The Human Safety Net program in Romania.

A quite impressive number employees and agents of Generali Romania joined the challenge, putting together all the benefits brought by outdoor activities: for every kilometer ran, hiked or climbed and for each calorie burned, Generali Romania making a donation for the New Horizons Foundation, the THSN partner in Romania.

From a sports lover point of view, which I happen to be, those three weeks of last summer were the most active in the past years: I ran about 165 km, I joined many classes and burned a lot of calories at the gym and I took a short vacation in the mountains where I climbed over 110 km with an aggregate elevation of +8000 m – almost the height of Everest.

No pain or effort were to big, because what mattered most every single day during the challenge was the thought that if I ran an extra kilometer, the donation would be bigger. Also, I very much appreciated the hard work of my colleagues and we motivated each other a lot.

This experience made me wish to be closer to THSN, so, starting this year, I am part of the THSN Romania ambassadors’ team and very proud of this achievement.

Since last year the Work From Home phenomenon (social protection & distancing meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19) kept us appart from our colleagues, this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time, helping us to get over the quarantine more easily and to stay connected and remain engaged and productive all this time. Thus, despite the individual side of proposed activities within “THSN Olympics” due to the pandemic context, similar to WFH, we all acted as a team, everyone’s goal being to increase the donation value.

Overall, during the challenge Generali Romania’s employees ran almost 1,300 km, cycled almost 4,000 km, hiked for 430 km etc., in the end, all activities being transformed into a donation for the New Horizons Foundation of about ~RON 8000.

I could’t be more proud!