27 Sep 2021

Partner for a Life-Time Growth

Elena Pavel from Generali Romania Asigurare Reasigurare S.A.

“Helloooo, life! I AM HERE!” – I said at 07:30 AM, October 11th, 1983.
“Now what?” – I often say, since then. 🙂

As long as I can remember I wandered to find myself. And to know all kinds of stuff. I was asking many questions from my very first years in this life. About anything I could imagine. It’s how I am. ❤
But I also chosed to be born in a very modest family. Yes, I do think we chose our paths before birth. My parents didn’t have many answers. So life gave me other ways to learn. To GROW. And the best way for me to grow was knowing people.

For me, IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE PEOPLE. Always, in all ways. 🙂

For the most of my life, PEOPLE were the most valuable “books” of knowledge.
And Generali has been an amazing library for me, since August 28th 2006. And I am so thankful for this gift from life!
I’ll be short here: I started as an agent when I was still a student in engineering. I continued in backoffice. After that, I went back into sales; but this time as a support for external partners (brokers). I signed myself into all kind of activities and trainings that Generali organized. And I am currently working in Marketing and CRM Department.

A big asset that I’ve gained in life is that Partnership is the key of success in everything.

Life-Time Partner for me in Generali 
For some, 14+ years is a LifeTime. 🙂

  • Partner with my Generali-clients, when they needed me, and when I needed them. Former clients still call me, just to say happy birthday or Merry X-Mas, after 10+ years of not being my clients anymore.
  • Partner with Generali-brokers, when they needed me and I needed them. And I still keep in touch with most of them too.
  • Partner with my Generali-colleagues, when they needed me, and when I needed them. From all departments.

Maybe is my way of being, maybe is a gift from the Universe 🙂. Maybe both, if they aren’t the same thing. 🙂 I had the chance to know soooo many people and it is amazing! Know-know people… I mean.. 🙂 Beyond the profesional relantionships. Dancing-and-drinking-toghether-on-our-free-time type of knowing. Talking-about-our-personal-experiences type of knowing. Crying-and-laughing-toghether type of knowing. THAT kind of partners I had the chance to find via Generali.

I have learned so many things by having these partners. I have learned so much about people. So I have learned a lot about myself in Generali. And I keep on learning something every day.

And that, for me, is a Life-Time value for my own growth.

L♥ve to you all! ❤