25 Jun 2021

People… It has always been about the people.

Maria Lampropoulou from Generali Hellas Insurance Company S.A.

Ιn a journey that has spanned 25 years, how can you isolate just one defining  moment? It is near impossible, especially for someone that has been exceptionally fortunate to have experienced so many memorable and special moments in their professional life at Generali.

There is so much to recall – yet for me, it has always been about the People. The talented colleagues that lent their boundless, energy, curiosity, tenacity and talent, to give life to a common vision. An outstanding community of people, bound together by a deep sense of respect for one another and a clear understanding of their higher purpose.

Here, at the home of Generali Hellas, the past 5 years have been marked by the loss of four unforgettable friends and exceptional colleagues. Giorgos, Dimitra, Dionyssis and Gravilos will forever be connected with my memories of Generali. Although dearly missed, it is not their absence that lingers, but rather their invaluable contribution. For me, they are a vivid and constant reminder of all those essential ingredients that transform a mere team… into a family. It is in that unity of mind, heart and purpose… that magic is created.

For our family, our purpose has always been clear. Articulated eloquently in the simple words of the Company’s mission: “to actively protect and enhance people’s lives”. How potent a message this is, when the lives in question –in need of protection– are those of your family. For the Generali team in Greece, the deeply human nature of our business – which is none other than the actual ability to impact and change people’s lives – has always been the force that drives us. It is this truth that guides our actions and fuels our efforts.

“It is from my wife and my children that I draw the strength to keep fighting”, said my dear friend and colleague Dionyssis, in the midst of his four-year battle with melanoma. “It is my second family, Generali, that allows me to manage my illness, with dignity”.

To my friends and colleagues – past and present – here at Generali Hellas, I say that it is an honor to work by your side. Know that you inspire me. I am so very proud to be a part of our special history. This year, as we celebrate 135 years of operation in our local market, and as we prepare to embark on a new and exciting journey in the wake of our recent acquisition, let us never forget the invaluable contribution of all those who came before us. Let us also never forget that there is nothing more profound than the dignity we are able to offer thousands of people, who place their lives in our care.

To our Group at large: Congratulations on 190 years of excellence!