25 Jun 2021

Story of a selfie

Anna Romagnoli from Generali Asia Regional Office

My Generali story is the story of a selfie. (And yes, there’s nothing more millennial than this!)

But it’s also the story of a proud grandmother and a flattered granddaughter.

My story begins in March 2020 when I first walked into the Generali Regional Office in Hong Kong masked up and with 5 bottles of hand sanitizer in my handbag. Covid-19 was already a part of our lives in Hong Kong, but little did I know that one year later I would have had the same in my bag. But, back to the story.

I had already had the chance to walk into the swanky new Generali office in Hong Kong and I remember wondering what it would be like to work in such a beautiful space… and now here I was!

While I was waiting for my new boss Neil to meet me, I took my first selfie. I couldn’t resist! The red sofa, the bold logo, the fancy armchairs ­– I was impressed!

Before I had the chance to share the selfie, Neil arrived with my welcome package: my Generali badge, 200 masks, and 2 more bottles of hand sanitizer #Hello2020!

After a full tour of the office, I got started on my first day, trying to absorb as much as possible from colleagues around me – while keeping social distance, of course! 😉

I sent my first email, booked my first meeting room, sent my first calendar invite, had my first Microsoft Teams call, and enjoyed my first espresso in our fancy coffee machine (credit to our Heade of Procuerement, Giovanni!). The day couldn’t get any better!

At the end of the day, it was time to leave, but not before having taken another selfie outside the office with my new badge, proving that I was now officially a Generali employee!

This was immediately sent to my family WhatsApp group, which included my newest contact: my 82 year old grandma!

I went to bed, satisfied with my first day and eager to get back to the office the next day for another Generali day!

As I woke up the next day, I noticed a suspicious number of messages on my phone, from aunts, uncles, and long-lost family friends congratulating me for my new job. I was a bit confused as I hadn’t even had the chance to update my LinkedIn profile. Determined to investigate further, I went to the office and patiently waited for 2PM HKT, i.e. a decent time for texting my family and asking for clarifications. But then I figured it out: my grandma was the new LinkedIn. I eventually found out that she had paraded around my small hometown proudly sharing my Generali selfie with anyone she came across! Knowing how proud she was, made me feel inspired and gave me even more energy for my new adventure.

Fun fact: when I actually did update my LinkedIn profile, the response I got was nowhere near as strong as what I received from my grandma’s sharing 😉