25 Jun 2021

Teamwork does makes the dream work!

Windra Krismansyah from Generali Indonesia

I joined the Generali Indonesia digital and communications team in April 2020, at which time the WHO had announced COVID-19 as a global pandemic. With agility in protecting employees’ and customers’ interests, Generali Indonesia’s management has implemented the WFH policy since March 2020. From getting acquainted, interacting to coordinating with teams, colleagues and management, everything was being done virtually – it was not an ideal adaptation process and challenging for me as a new joiner.

This pandemic is changing the way it works and many aspects. In technology and innovation, Generali Indonesia has carried out gradually and well planned. However, physical distancing accelerates all plans that have been made. Leading a team with the critical functions during a pandemic, namely communication and digital, feels very challenging – where the team has to move with agility to adjust strategies to support company performance.

In terms of communication, with restrictions on physical interactions during the pandemic, intensified communication is carried out through various content on digital platforms that customers can access. It is essential for Generali Indonesia to stay connected and continue to foster a closer relationship with customers and show empathy and availability to help customers in difficult times like this. It is essential for Generali to remain present for customers and partners. Communication strategy to all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Internally, the town hall frequency is increased to once per month. The aim is to align directions and strategy to all employees and also to get the recent updates.

In ensuring communication to customers, evaluation is carried out starting from the message strategy and the media to the effectiveness of the communication. Generali Indonesia has also adopted a new email communication platform to ensure that we can better reach customers. Although we communicate intensely, we also continue to monitor the condition and what customers feel. Having a new communication platform doesn’t mean we can continue to share endlessly; we understand that customers are also experiencing email fatigue. To that end, we also set a balanced frequency and topic to maintain customer relationships properly. In terms of frequency intensity as well as topic diversification, we do our communicating with customers.

In addition, to improve the RNPS, we are actively providing the latest updates to Generali agents nationwide and launching a culture service ambassador program where agents who get good comments from their customers will receive a greeting from Generali’s management. This is done to motivate agents to stay connected with customers and as a good example for other agents.

We intensively continue to build visibility and presence for customers and the public through mass publications from the external communication aspect. Not only products or innovations, but we also raise topics related to commitments and promises in claim payments, as well as testimonials from customers who have benefited from products supplied by Generali. Media expansion is optimized to reach various remote areas and broad provinces in Indonesia. Based on records, throughout 2020, Generali Indonesia’s media relations network has increased by 50%, and media results have reached the highest yield of IDR 74 billion. For various initiatives encouraged by the team, Generali Indonesia has won several awards from the national media, namely as The Best Public Relations in Company Management in Establishing and Developing Modern Digital Insurance System and an award as Excellent PR Practice.

Through digital marketing, we have also done various things that align with Generali Indonesia’s vision and ambition to become a lifetime partner. In addition to increasing the amount of content and variants of the topics presented, we also increase the involvement of the public and customers who are followers of Generali Indonesia’s social media by conducting various interactive events. Not monotonous in developing content, we also carry out several strategies to increase the attractiveness of the content with new initiatives such as trendjacking and so on.

For example: during a pandemic, people’s social awareness has increased significantly; for that, we launched an awareness movement through social media by inviting employees, agents, customers, business partners, the media, and also the general public to be part of the initiative. Involvement is critical; how can we reach out to various stakeholders to move together. As a result of these actions, Generali’s social media has increased Facebook by 4%, LinkedIn by more than 200%, and Instagram as one of the most popular social media platforms in Indonesia, at 36%. Even now, we are also exploring new media to stay close to the public and customers.

Generali has various pioneering innovations in the insurance industry in Indonesia, and it is the duty of the communication and digital team to continue to increase the adoption rate and active users of these innovations. One of them is the Gen iClick customer application which has various innovative features, we continue to promote the advantages of Gen iClick through various platforms both through Gen iClick itself, social media, mass media, and other communication media, and this is done sustainably. And the result is the registration of the Gen iClick increased by 327%, and the active ratio increased by 338% from the previous year period.

In addition, we also pay attention to how to continue to improve the customer experience of customers who use various digital touchpoints currently owned by Generali, both in the Gen iClick application and on the website. How we do it is by listening and anticipating their concern. We conduct user surveys and assess customer reviews. Based on these inputs, we made improvements to provide a better experience.

All of this can be done because of a strong innovative culture at Generali Indonesia, supported by solid teamwork and leadership with heart. In Generali Indonesia, all team members are equally respected and also encouraged to come up with any ideas that can help the business grow, both in quality and quantity. We strive to craft idea after idea to continue to bring the spirit of innovation to our work. This is what really impressed me at Generali, where in the midst of challenging conditions, with the same enthusiasm, we can turn these challenges into opportunities to be better. Ending the story by quoting our team motto, “Pressure makes diamond,” – we strongly believe that the value of a diamond depending on the CARAT (Our value: Creative, Attentive, Reliable, Available, and Teamwork).