25 Jun 2021

The Chinese Gondola

Randy Tung from Generali Hong Kong

I still remember the trip back to 6 years ago when everything was still normal, I spent a month in Italy. I was amazed about the building at Piazza San Marco, and I have never thought I will work at an Italian company with such great history. When you talk about Venice, I remember the most is Gondola, but it’s never strange for me because in Hong Kong we have something similar – Dragon Boat.

The dragon boat racing in Hong Kong, has been a traditional Chinese paddled watercraft activity for over 2000 years. A dragon boat is long and narrow boat decorated with Chinese dragon head and tail. During Tuen Ng Festival, teams of people paddle furiously with a drum and colorful sight. I watch the racing on TV when I was a kid. Today I have the chance to race for the company, and it’s so strange to have an Italian company to introduce me the sport.

The dragon boat really isn’t as easy as it looks, it requires both teamwork and skills, strength is the least to worry about. The more you train and you will soon discover the importance of synchronicity and teamwork, no matter how strong you are, you can’t move fast with your single hand. I know it sounds corny, but it’s how a company works. Although I joined the company for less than a year, I have already felt the atmosphere. They don’t only promote the company as a lifetime partner, but the team actually committed and worked toward this goal together.

I don’t know if my dragon boat skill will be useful in the future, but at least when I go to Italy I have a story to tell, or become a Gondola driver, who knows?