25 Jun 2021

The fit that was just right

Lucia Silva from Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

I still remember when I was offered the opportunity to work for Generali.

At that time I was in my comfort zone and I saw the insurance sector as cold, distant from ‘real people’s needs,’ and somewhere where you can’t make a concrete impact.

Then I started to read and learn more about the sector. I visited Generali’s website and I had a sort of epiphany. I was able to see the fit between my experience, my convictions and values.

The insurance industry is vital for the economy to flourish, enabling sectors and entrepreneurs to grow their activities allowing them to take (calculated!) risks that they otherwise wouldn’t be to take on, in order to turn their dreams into a reality.

Then, I spoke to my friend. She told me of how key was the financial safety net provided by an insurance policy her father had taken out. If he had not thought ahead, she wouldn’t have been able to study and become a doctor. So an insurance policy turned into her greatest opportunity ever! And this is just one story. There are countless others throughout Generali’s long and rich history.

After I came to realize this, it didn’t take long for me to accept the job offer. Fast-forward 6 years later, I am still being inspired and learning how big our impact truly is.

I am definitely lucky and the beauty is that I am not alone in this journey. Generali is full of warm, engaging and smart people, driven by a strong sense of purpose and eager to make a difference every day for all of our stakeholders. Here’s to leaving a meaningful mark for the next 190 years!