23 Feb 2022

The Heroes of Covid-19 Vaccination For The Vulnerable Community

Anindya Wardhani from Generali Indonesia

All of us would never knew Covid-19 Pandemic come to many us, including Indonesia since 30th December 2019. The shock wave on this dangerous and contagious virus to human was hitting many aspects of human living, had causing an economy drop in large scale, and later new normal behavior born from this pandemic. Every person must adapt to the situation and ready to change. Thus it made many of businesses went far behind the plan. Government warned the citizen to stay safe, for a temporary to stay at home and Pandemic has given risks to many families in Indonesia. We found that not only to the higher class in population that felt the impact. Similar impact also happened to the poor community.


The underprivilege families became more vulnerable and be at higher risks. Thus, Generali Indonesia through THSN Indonesia, we took an important step in protecting our employees and agent and stopping the spread of Covid-19 virus by organizing a vaccination program for our big family member and the vulnerable community in nearby neighborhood. This program is held incorporated with DKI Jakarta province government, Indonesia Ministry of Health, sub district Health Service Facility (Puskesmas) and certified vaccinator team from Wisma Atlet Covid Emergency Hospital.


We’ve become the first insurance company who did the vaccination program in Indonesia for the vulnerable communitiesAlmost 1.000 people from employees, agents, elders, public transportation drivers and vulnerable society in Setiabudi sub district were vaccinated at Generali Indonesia Tower. The program was open for eight days in our office and we welcome participants to get vaccinated comfortably and follow health protocols.


Together we stand to fight Covid-19. To run this program, we decided to form a committee and recruited volunteers from 10 to 15 employees that took part as event officer from 28 April to 27 May 2021. We could be busy during the day to serve people from 8 AM to 3 PM, but we’re still doing our usual work afterwards. Never felt tired, but instead the committe were all fired up until the program was ended.


It was a blessed for participants to get vaccination jab faster than scheduled and an honor for us to be able to bring more people from vulnerable community protected from Covid-19 through vaccination.


Pandemic is a very rare occasion, a once of a life time memory for us. A history that made us proud to share this memory with you. We stand with one of Generali value ‘Live the Community’, the sincere smiles from vaccinated participants were our energy booster day by day, it never failed to keep our spirit up to help others and enhance people’s lives  🙂


To close this story, we’d like to thank for the volunteers that involved in the vaccination program committe. They deserved to be mentioned as the true Covid Vaccination THSN Indonesia heroes. Highly appreciated!

Generali Peduli Lindungi Negeri

Pulihlah Wahai Negeri ku 🙂

Covid won’t stop us!