25 Jun 2021

The Lion of my childhood

Dimitar Krstevski from GEB - Generali Employee Benefits

If some had told me that today I would be working for Generali, I would have laughed it off.

It goes like this…

As a child I was a big fan of The Lion King. I was watching the movie at least once per week, and I was never bored. It made me happy and still does.

I remember the first time I was Generali logo, the Lion, it was while I was watching my favourite movie. It kept in my memory but I didn’t know what Generali really was. But for obvious reasons it was my favourite company ad at that time.

The memory of my favourite childhood logo came back to mind while I was visiting Italy for a handball tournament back in 2004. Visiting Rome, Teramo and Venice for the first time. My favourite logo was everywhere!

Back then I was 16 and I didn’t know much about Generali but my curiosity got triggered, so when I came back home I started researching about Generali. My plan was to go and study IT so the Generali logo remained a cherished childhood memory reminding me of my favourite cartoon movie.

Things changed 15 years later!!

I came to Luxembourg and started searching for a job. I applied for a position in a company where I was suppose to work as a consultant in an insurance company. When I went for my interview I understood that the insurance company for which I was going to work was GEB (Generali Employee Benefits).

What followed is me working for my childhood logo company and enjoying it!