25 Jun 2021

The Little Lass and The Lion

Harsharan Kaur A/P Narvant Singh from MPI Generali

This is the story of a scrawny, underweight 5 feet 4-inch-tall lass that walked into MPI Generali’s office 5 years ago, assuming that this is just going to be another job that pays the bills and feed the mouths of the family members.

The little lass was nervous to see the unfamiliar faces gawking at her from the top of their cubicles trying to catch a glimpse of the newbie on the floor. “Just another new hire”, she heard them whisper. She smiled nervously at the curious faces looking at her.

An empty cubicle at the end of the floor was her new home for the next 5 years. Little that she knew this cubicle will change so many aspects of her life and this will not just be another 9am to 5pm job.

From this little brown wooden cubicle, she grew not in size or height which was rather unfortunate, but she grew her horizons. The lion taught her many things, and she evolved with each failure. The lions fail eight out of ten times in hunting, but this makes them fine tune their skills, thus they can catch bigger prey to feed their family. Likewise, the lass learned from her failures and she evolved and survived.

In MPI Generali, she had an amazing support system. The unfamiliar faces that gawked at her on her first day accepted her in their pack. A pride of lions always back each other in good and bad times.

The little lass learned  to have courage from the lion. She learned that strength is never more than a deep breath away.

Just like that, the little lass was no longer little anymore. She was given so many opportunities to learn and grow. She took risk of exploring new territories and was trusted with more responsibilities. Every week went by faster than the last and just like that she has been with the lion for 5 good years.

The lion always lifted the lass up and never let her down. The lion showed her the world, taught her to survive, and trusted her capabilities.

Penning down her journey today brought her back to her little wooden cubicle where her journey with the lion started.

Thank you Generali for changing the life of the little lass.