25 Jun 2021


Winston Wen from Generali Insurance Agency Company

I joined GIAC at the end of September 2019, when GIAC was officially opened for over a year with the strong support of Generali Group, during which time I witnessed many important growth points.

One of that impressed me most was the celebration of the company’s second anniversary.

It was a great honor to participate in this celebration.

During the epidemic period, I shared the joy with all the internal staff of all branches.

At the same time, I also witnessed the gradual growth of GIAC against the trend, with not only the rapid growth of business quantity, but also the breakthrough of activity manpower.

Secondly, in early 2020, there was an outbreak of COVID-19, which no one had anticipated. However, with the full help of Generali Group, we responded quickly, adjusted the business model and provided necessary protective measures. Despite working from home, we tried to get employees back to work quickly and orderly.

Besides, the company organized employees to donate for the frontline medical staff. Within two days, the company and employees donated a total of 840,000 yuan to send urgently needed supplies to the hospital.

In GIAC, I can feel the strength of Generali, the solidarity of everyone, fearless of difficulties and flexible in response to changes. At the same time, we insist on bringing positive driving force to customers, market and society, and become lifetime-partner.

On the occasion of the 190th anniversary of the founding of Generali Group, I wish the Group’s development will continue to reach new heights and GIAC will surely live up to the Group’s support and high expectations and continue to set sail and explore the future!