25 Jun 2021

What makes me most proud of working in Generali? Sense of belonging, community and family

Mihaela Stanimirova from GP Reinsurance EAD

When I joined GP Re in 2008 I had no insurance or reinsurance background. I was hired as an administrative staff, but I quickly managed to become technical in reinsurance matters, as well as to gain knowledge in various business areas.

Today, I am a mother of two boys, the CEO of the company and feeling proud of my team – its spirit, dedication, and never-ceasing efforts to excel..

Throughout these years, I have always proudly acted with integrity, sense of consequence and responsibility. I do not get discourage easily, I am willing and ready to face new challenges.

But I believe this is not just me… what nourishes me in my journey is actually Generali – if you are a good employee, a moral person and someone for whom values matter, you need good environment, a moral employer and a Company with values! This is Generali for me, this is how I see it, and this is what makes me proud of working in Generali! Our Group fosters a sense of belonging, no matter where in the world we are, no matter how big or small our business operations are. The sense of ownership and commitment is on one side driven by you, but on the other, is accelerated by the people who trusted in you and gave you the opportunity. I am thankful to these people and I am thankful for being part of our Generali world!